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By peter_h
Aswell as the in-built EXISTING/DEMO/NEW states, it would be great if we could add new states. These states could then be used as an elegant solution to the problem of how best to manage multiple building design options.

So imagine if we could have DEMO1, DEMO2, NEW1 & NEW2 states aswell (and also control their display with filters), then it would be very simple to show multiple options for a renovation -- without having to resort to multiple plns and hotlinks.
Matthew Lohden wrote:
Wed Apr 17, 2013 1:04 am
What we really need is a full overhaul which would allow phasing, alternates and even construction sequencing.
Yes, we need to have differents plans for each phase of the construction, and each profession.
Agree with the above completely. Project staging is common even on small scale projects. On a completely simple level being able to reflect composites and surfaces with a renovation state as well as parts of windows, doors and other objects.

Example 1 - Existing exterior wall clad in cement sheet needs to have all the cladding removed to be reclad in weatherboard but the actual (structural components of the wall) remain. Current work around depending on scale of project either make 2 copies of wall in existing and new renovation state or 2D fills and covers

Example 2 - Windows and doors- an existing door will have a new door leaf installed or existing windows will have glass replaced to meet code. Everything else is to remain. To represent this you have to again either note it or other work arounds with copies of objects on different layers.

Example 3 - Simply documenting new wall colours. Sometimes need to show extent of new finishes vs old. Wall that might be white needs to be painted bluein new revision state.

Renovation states of components in composites or objects is a must have in my opinion.