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I could use this all the time in our custom residential work. Certain elements of doors can be custom, why not the casing as well. Thanks, Scott
I think this is essential.
Also, I think many other components of Doors/Windows should be able to accept custom profiles: Frame/Sash Frame, Sill, Board etc.
Agreed! I also like the idea about making more custom options available on these objects, a custom profile for the frame/sash and sill would let us easily and correctly portray the window type we are using.
I'm so confused as to why this has been on the wishlist for so long and yet has so few votes overall! In our residential work, this is essential and we have yet to figure out a great way to do this in model.

If anyone has a good work-around, I'd love to hear it.
We've tried profiles in beam/column combinations (but end up have to use SEO with hidden trimming objects when the various planes inevitably don't join well), coding custom trim objects (we're not coders... although we did better than expected, nothing was remotely usable), morphs (too customizable in the forms it can accidentally take when extruding/etc), downloading free and premium objects.... nothing works well. There's no reason we shouldn't be able to draw a profile and tell the window object that's what the trim is!
This would be greatly used feature. It should include a head profile different from the jambs. Chief Architect has this feature.
It is possible to script objects so they are scale sensitive and have different profiles for heads and jambs, etc.
An now you can even have custom profiles in objects so you can create your own in the complex profiles and use them in the objects.
It just adds a whole new level of complexity to the objects, let alone greatly increase the polygon count in your models.

I find it incredible that it is so bloody hard to implement this feature, I have spent a whole day in the office trying to make architraves and different molding for a renovation project of an 18th century mansion, only to find out that it is not possible to use complex profile as a tool for this, the joints will not match correctly.
Now I have to spend another day to make these objects as morphs, so that I can present a decent rendering of the reformation, but next week I have to do it all over again as the the profiles is sure to be altered. Come on AC! How hard can it be to implement object to the complex profile dialog? :(
If your mouldings are all horizontal then you can just use the complex profile beam tool - as you probably already know.

Architraves for doors and windows that are horizontal and vertical (or even curved), you can do as beams in the floor plan (you just need to trace the shape of the opening in an elevation with the fill tools and copy/paste it to the floor plan.
Magic want the complex profile beam around the fill.
Duplicate the beams and then convert to a morph, rotate them to stand them up and position on the opening.
The original beams you can hide in a layer you can turn off.
Then if the profile alters you can simply change the beams, duplicate, save a new morph and replace the old one.

Version 23 when it comes out will be what you want as you can use profile beams and columns, and mitre the end angles so they join together.