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It would be helpful if a solid element operation could be set to be active only in specific renovations filters. Say - have a slab (Renovation status new) to operate on a wall (Renovation status existing) and for that operation to be effective with the Renovation filter set to New construction, but not effective when the Renovation filter is set to Existing plan - that is for the wall to show as existing in Existing plan and as altered in New construction.
Absolutely essential!!!
Renovation filters are nice to work with... but I feel it is somewhat incomplete in those scenarios as discussed here: ... ion#231925

and here: ... n&&start=0
This is an awesome idea. Would make it a lot simpler to do these kind of tasks. I vote essential.

This would not only be useful in the context of showing the difference between demo, existing, and new, but also in maintaining control of schematic options via the renovation filters. For instance if one schematic option shows a two-car garage cut into a hill (the hill an existing feature) and the other a three car garage, the cut into the hill will be different. AFAIK, the only way to handle this is to double up layers and use layer intersection priorities, or have a separate file.
Has this feature been added? I'm having some issues with site terrains cut by slabs in different phases and was wondering if this might have been addressed somehow.