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Modeling (Wall, Door, Window, Roof, Stair...), Favorites...

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The ability to apply the renovation filter on SEO operations applied to a site mesh would be huge.

But the logic might be difficult. If an element is new, then any SEO's it is involved with are obviously new. However, if an element is to be demolished, the excavation this element caused is not going to disappear. It's like the treatment of a wall when a window is to be demolished. There's a piece of the wall that is "new" in order to fill the hole that the window left.

I think the mesh element is due for a major upgrade, and it would include being able to designate SEO operations as new or existing.
Absolutely essential !

Site modifications, complex profiles, composites, doors & windows, roofs, etc. So much of ArchiCAD would benefit enormously from 'renovation filter' functionality.