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By KellyKDH
It would be great to have the option to set a beam height based off the bottom of the beam. Considering in construction this is the height they need so they know how tall their studs below need to be. Also, when you have multiple beam heights within the ceiling system that are all flush on the bottom you need to do math for each beam to get the top height or continually cut sections through the model to adjust beam heights. This really would save a chunk of time.
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By arqrivas
Totally agree I think it is an important option to have aside with the actual one.

PD: in the mean time I have a temporary solution, make a rectangular complex profile, make it small and use the stretch options to make it the right size at the time your going to use it, and draw the profile on top of the origin point, remember that it will be the reference line.

And don't forget to vote for your wish. :wink:
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By LaszloNagy

The Reference Height could be at Top of Beam, Bottom of Beam, or vertical Offset from Top/Bottom.

If you haven't done so, you can vote in your own poll.
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By Barry Kelly
Definitely needed.
We have reference to top and bottom of slabs now - this should be extended to the beam as well.

At least we can set the actual base height as the reference height (the top height oddly labelled as "B" for "Bottom offset to home storey")
Then high-light that figure and type the actual beam height and "+" to add the figures together to get the true top height (if you are lazy and don't want to do the maths).

i.e. set the height for the base you want - say 2000mm - the beam is say 200mm high.
2000 (high-light) 200+ will give you 2200
So now you know the top of the beam is at the height you need it.

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By Aaron Bourgoin
Agreed. And since a beam is vector, we should ask to finish the thought and bring back the wish to set an angle for a beam in degrees, percentage and by the roofer's method (something in 12).

Hey Graphisoft! Let 2016 be the year of connecting dots and completing thoughts.
By Liamthanks
Digging this thread out of the ground as I've just had this exact same thought myself. Did this ever get added in the future versions?
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By Barry Kelly
Liamthanks wrote:
Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:32 am
Did this ever get added in the future versions?
Not yet.
Maybe it will happen when beams get cover fills in plan as well. :wink:

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By Brad Elliott
However, the wood and steel beam library parts do allow you to choose top or bottom.