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Modeling (Wall, Door, Window, Roof, Stair...), Favorites...

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By DrWho
When it comes to walls, slabs and columns those entities are just "dumb" representations of what the building has. As an example, take a wall. You place the wall in the floor plan and it gives you options to say if the wall is cladded or not, height, width, thickness, wood or concrete, etc. Some may say that the wall is pretty smart with all that information but is it really. What if the wall was to be a steel reinforced concrete wall? Where is the option areas to select the type of rebar (diameter) and saddle size and shapes, and rebar spacing and such? What if the wall was constructed with wood or steel studs with drywall cladding? Shouldn't the wall show the stud locations and keep track of the number needed. When placing a door or window into a wall it would be nice if the wall was smart enough to place the necessary items around the object to meet code instead of passing that job off to a drafts person. The same would go for slabs and columns. It would definitely make it easy to determine the amount of a specific material that will be needed (concrete, steel, wood boards, etc.) making it easier to determine costs. So my wish is for elements that are smart enough to contain their internal construction and can automatically change their internal construction when modified, like placing a hole in a reinforced slab.