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Is the ability to offset Composite skins important?

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By Jason Roesler
Looking for some feedback and thoughts on the desire for the ability to offset the different skins on a composite specifically roofs. Right now I have to choose between speed & ease of use vs. graphically correct and accurate. Being able to offset some of the skins, ideally by edge, would reduce that gap between the two sides considerably.

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By Lingwisyer
They addressed this same issue in regards to walls with the addition of Complex Profile Modifiers so I doubt that they will add skin offsets to composites any time soon... My guess is that if anything was to happen, it would be a rework of the roof tool to use Complex Profiles as to make use of the new Complex Profile Modifiers.

I the meantime, could you add the roof section that is over your fascia to your fascia Complex Profile? As long as your roof pitches are consistent, it should be relatively simple to make adjustments to. I have not tried it though...

By Jason Roesler
I have done what you are suggesting in the past with a decent amount of success but we currently use anything from a 4:12 to a 12:12 slope on our projects. It also produced additional lines on the elevations and under some combinations messy connections at valley eaves.