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By spastor
I can't understand why we can do something so common like a stair that overlaps itself.
I know you can do with two or more stair objects, but this is a tedious work and simply imposible in a stair made of steel extruded pieces with their intersections.
It is something URGENT please.
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By Joremieufaidmeterre
A simple proof that this bunch of dev never had a lot of real project with real client.
They simply ignore that a stair has frequently to overlap its own path.
How would it climb more than 3m without overlapping OR expending its pathprint (1) ?
Square meters are dear in EU. pathprint has to be minimum.
How is it possible that they ignore that a helical stair can need more than 360° ?
This is ridiculous.
That incapacity of Archicad has been pointed by users years ago ( at least in Abvent's Forum).
This is a shame. :evil:

(1:English is not my 1st language. So pathprint would mean the over-all projection on ground)
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By Joremieufaidmeterre
Topic is 55% Essentiel :mrgreen:

And with the 25 out, the problem is now…
Unsolved :evil:

Nothing is changed. They don't give [censored]. :twisted:
Or may be they'r never been in a story where the next level is at 4m up, because they'r to [censored] poor and never get out of their cell. Poor they :roll: