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Bring back classic stair tool

Classic stair tool is needed
Classic stair tool is not needed
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By Hmooslechner
in my opinion, Graphisoft made some decision on this tool - also on the railing-tool, not to get too much vectors in 3d - they tried to simplyfy 3d too much - with the result, that "borderline-cases" like Your example cant get to reality with ease.

Also problematic: Graphisoft tried to merge several calculation-models to create stairs what causes many limitations, that would not be nescessary in reality. Better would be one simple way for calculate the stair:

First - divide the hight-difference through the maximum hight of the riser - take the next integer for the number of steps. Calculate the hight of the riser from this number of steps - take the length of a human step (63cm+-), subtract 2x riserhight to get the length of the stair-step. Divide the Walkingline through the length of the stair-step. This dividet Walking-Line has to be the "mother" for all further calculations..

Graphisoft tries to make much more possible calulations and gets into trouble with this..

Normal stars can be made with some simple working - steps but when you want to get special small spaces for stairs to work, you get in trouble.

For such cases - the older stairmaker was much easier to use - you got much closer to the wanted result - but with no flexibility at all. It was not a real good decision, to "kill" the old stairmaker complete.

The old idea, to select a type of stair and then set the measures was better than the now existing solution - better because much faster.

My solution: implement both possibilities! Add the old stairmaker as addon - which was the case anyway before.
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By Rex Maximilian
Hmooslechner wrote:
Tue Sep 24, 2019 3:48 pm
in my opinion, Graphisoft made some decision on this tool
Yes. Regarding that and the rail tool, I feel they decided to make it sooooo super customizable to attract firms doing large projects or designers pushing the envelope that by doing so made it so complex; that doing the simplest stairs or rails takes 10 times longer than the process with the previous stair tool. It's almost as if they wanted to make a statement, which I get, but they shouldn't forget the tool's humble beginnings and its prior usefulness. One off the biggest missteps I've seen them take in my 28 years using the software.

...and don't get me started on taking out the simple assignment of 2D fills to a cut wall, roof or slab by replacing it with "Building Materials."
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By Joremieufaidmeterre
This tool might have changed for a better …or not.
You decided.
Reality is that both version of the tool are just a joke.
A simple proof that this bunch of dev never had a lot of real project with real client.
They simply ignore that a stair has frequently to overlap its own path.
How would it climb more than 3m without overlapping OR expending its pathprint(1) ?
Square meters are dear in EU. pathprint has to be minimum.
How is it possible that they ignore that a helical stair can need more than 360° ?
This is ridiculous.
That incapacity of Archicad has been pointed by users years ago ( at least here).
This is a shame. :evil:

(1:English is not my 1st language. So pathprint would mean the over-all projection on ground)