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Please add a checkbox to enable/disable the operator line on individual panes on a multi-pane window.

I've mocked up an idea on how this could easily be done in the attachment. (The unchecked 'Operator' box shows what I would like to be able to do to the window in the preview area.)

If the window tool had a revamp with more universal window types there could even be a 4th column with a drop down to specify operator type - awning, hopper, left casement, right casement.
I have no idea what this "operator" line you are talking about is... A checkbox that does? The doors and windows included in the library vary depending on the version you are using. The AUS and INT libraries I believe are the same as each other, but they are different to the US library that I assume you are using.

I voted Important...
But in reality I'd vote essential to
a total overhaul of AC windows (and doors).
Make an out-of-the-box tool similar to Central Innovation's
D+W builder... only better.
Hi Lingwisyer - I'm referring to some combinations of windows, such as the awning shown in the example, where I'd like to turn off the operator line on the upper panel but leave it on for the lower panel. There isn't a stock combination for this setup. The alternate is to place a lower awning and upper fixed window and gang them together.

To be clear - the operator line is the dashed line in the example showing which window opens and which direction.

Another odd combo is the triple sash casement with transom operators, not something I've seen in the US.
See attached.

Stress Co. - I agree!
Ah. So in the US library, each panel does not have it's own opening options? Not the first time I have heard the US library having reduced functionality... I sometimes wonder why the US door and window library does not adapt more of the international one.

This could be a version 21, 22 thing or it could be the old USA, AUS, INT library differences.

I just looked in version 22 AUS library.
We do not have the triple transom window that you show, but we do have the option to change the sash opening type for each sash.