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Modeling (Wall, Door, Window, Roof, Stair...), Favorites...

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By Richard Morrison
Brett Brown wrote:
Mon May 25, 2020 3:16 am
All these tools save hours and hours of time per project and to see people saying they are too expensive, obviously they don't value their time very much, let alone their ease of use.
Many architects and designers bill by the hour. In this situation, these tools will COST them a lot of money with the increased efficiency. :(
By Braza
@ Karl Ottenstein

The problem I see, is that LPM can't produce "Stretchable" objects. You have to create one Door/Window/object for every dimension variation. It is ok for new construction, where you can specify products with standard dimensions. But for renovation purposes things get more complex.

But I agree. It would be great if GS create some more elaborated tutorials.
It would also be great if LPM developers could create some kind of "Stretch Plan" (Similar to Profile Editor) to enable users specify custom dimensions for their Door/Window/Object.
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By Ralph Wessel
Braza wrote:
Thu May 28, 2020 8:18 pm
This LPM phenomenon reminds me of Ralph Wessel´s Modular Joinery Door/Window Object. It also was an amazing tool, requested by local users to resemble Velfac products. Then Ralph entered the late Cadimage team and MJO completely disappeared.
I'm still here, and so are the Cadimage Tools and MJO. Cadimage Tools is now rebranded as CI Tools (because we're now part of Central Innovation). The MJO is still actively managed in the UK and works perfectly on the latest version of ARCHICAD.

I think the crux of the problem is that communication of activity and development within the ARCHICAD world is almost non-existent, leading to the impression nothing is happening.
By Braza
Very true Ralph.
I think its probably due to this extremely competitive harsh environment which is AEC software.
Any Autodesk competitor have to well hide its cards not to be surpassed by the giant.
Anyway... Lets see it July will bring some good revolution to this market...
And bring some "balance to the force". :)