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Modeling (Wall, Door, Window, Roof, Stair...), Favorites...

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By Ghassan Kanaan
To be able to use specific complex profiles to make our Ramps ( and roads ) and have more control on editing them, it will be a nice thing to create a NEW DESIGN TOOL dedicated for Ramps. As it is the case for Railings.
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By Barry Kelly
Can’t you just use the railing tool with a custom profile rail?
What would you want the ramp tool to do that the rail tool can’t?

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By TMA_80
As a construction element, which existed along with the old stairmaker, I think this should be an identified tool on its own.
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By Ghaleb Khadra

Thank you so much for being active on ARCHICAD-Talk and for participating in the poll!

We have found an already registered request in our database asking for the same thing basically!

We added your request to the existing one, which gives it more weight and hopefully it will be implemented sometime in the future.

Keep an eye out on the release notes of ARCHICAD Updates/Version Releases for Wish #10249
That is the Request ID relating to this topic.

Until then, I wish you all a great day, and once more, thank you for your active participation.

Kind regards,
By peter lueftner
We need a ramp tool on nearly every project!
The ramp tool included in Archicad is not flexible enough.
We need a tool that allows any floor shape of a ramp with good control and change management.
This is a very essential part of architectural work an has to be far more flexible than it is today!
Please build a tool we can easily work with!
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By RandyC
The new beam tool works pretty good for making ramps -- give it a try
By DGSketcher
As does the shell tool...

So many options available but we still need a new tool just because the existing ones aren't named "Ramp Tool"?