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By jl_lt
Hi! unless im doing something wrong or have some checkbox unchecked, i would like the specified levels to help you automatically define the associated level of an object within a range when positioning them in 3d. Example:

Lets say i have defined my floor levels at a uniform interval of 3meters. Copying objects with the multiply tool allows you tell the program to automatically detect and change the associated level of the object, which is nice and its what im striving for. This works fine if the object falls exactly at your specified level or above it. However, if for some reason the object needs to be 5cm below you specified level (like a balcony), then the object is positioned correctly but its associated level is one below the one you actually want it to be.

If you dont use the multiply tool and just copy objects around in 3d view, the object associated level is never updated (they all get the original associated level from which you copy) and you have to change it manually to its correct associated level which is yet another one of those chores that can get very (unnecesarily) tedious and cumbersome even in medium sized projects when it could be automated. I can see much more scenarios in which you want a copied or moved object in 3d to have its associated level automatically updated than not.

So the question is this: Is there a way to define a range per level in which any object you place within that range automatically gets the correct associated level, no matter if the object is 10 or 20cm +- the specificed datum level?
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By Barry Kelly
What is happening automatically is completely understandable.
You are asking Archicad to multiply slabs so they are completely outside of the storey range you intend them to be in, so as far as Archicad is concerned they actually belong to the storey that they are actually in and not the one you want them to be in.

As you have found, manually copying them works without changing the storey.

Your proposal for a range above/below the storey range extents is what you would need.
But personally I think this would be over complicating the multiple command.

However, turn your question into a wish by adding a poll to your original post and see how many votes you get.

By jl_lt
@Mr Barry Kelly

Thanks for the answer! just to clarify, this would have more to do with the ability to freely move objects around in 3d (copying or moving) without the need to use the multiply tool. The specified range i propose would allow you to define lets say "if an object is positioned 50cm below or 1.50m above a defined level, the objetcs actuamatically gets that associated level". Currently, unless im doing something wrong, you have to update it manually which needn´t be the case.
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By Lingwisyer
When you are working in 3D and a door associates itself with Ground while the wall it is contained within is associated with First...