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Do you think Nested Complex Profiles and Composites are useful

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By Braza
I wish I have, within Complex Profile and Composite Editor, the option to created nested CP's and Composites based in already created ones.
With this, the number of these attributes within the Office Template would be reduced considerably.

For example:
- An interior simple 15 cm thick brick core wall has the option of interior and exterior finishes.
- An exterior double 35 cm thick brick core wall also has interior and exterior finishes.
By now, we have to create one CP or Composite for each possible solution within the office template.
With Nested CP's and Composites, we could create a new Nested CP/Composite named Exterior_Wall_01 and add already created core CP/Composite + Another already created finish CP/Composite for interior + Another already created finish CP/Composite for exterior.
And the same to a Nested CP/Composite Interior_Wall_01.
If you need to change just the finishes, you just edit the Nested CP/Composite.
It would also allow i.e.: for easy use/change/maintain commercial steel/aluminum profiles on multiple parts of the structure/doors/windows.
What do you think?
By Braza
Ok. Perhaps the example I gave doesn't quite describe the potential of the this functionality.

Put it simple: Its like CP's/Composites "modules".
With Nested CP's/Composites, we could add, rotate, copy, mirror, multiply already existent CP's/Composites in new ones. This could be particularly useful in managing slight variations of very Complex Cp's/Composites, where we could break down complexity, reuse and adapt it on more complex ones. And if we need to edit something, we just edit the module and all the other instances would be automatically updated.

Anyone?... Anyone?... :)
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By Jp1138
This could be very useful, but the implementation should be thinked carefully: do you use in in composites, where instead of a building material you can choose another composite / complex profile, for example? Complex profiles within complex profiles can be a bit tricky, maybe there should be another way to assemble the parts?

Somehow this should be introduced into existing workflows to not overcomplicate things even more.
By Braza
Jp1138 wrote:do you use in in composites, where instead of a building material you can choose another composite / complex profile, for example? Complex profiles within complex profiles can be a bit tricky, maybe there should be another way to assemble the parts?
No. Nested CP's are available only to CP's and Nested Composites only for Composites. No mixing here.

I also thought of instead of Nested CP/Composites, there could be a break down in an element base (Inside element settings). So you could define a CP/Composite for Core, Interior Finish and Exterior Finish. But I think this would limit its potential. Tough it would considerably reduce the number of CP/Composites, as you only create separate parts that are "assembled" within the element (Wall, Slab, Beam or Column).

I think the CP/Composite "Inception" would be better. :)
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By Jp1138
Well then, I think you propose basically that composites can be treated as materials, and as so be used in other composites.

On the other hand, complex profiles may be assembled inside other profiles, as references inside references, using a CAD simile.

This last one may makes more sense to me, because after thinking it over the composites/materials duality may be to confusing and maybe not offer so many advantages over just normal materials. "Container" complex profiles can be very useful though.
By Braza
Yes. Composites may be a little tricky, as they are not set graphically. The implementation would require a "Mirror" Checkbox, to for example apply the same Nested Finish Composites on the Exterior/Top or Interior/Bottom of the Wall/Slab.

On the other hand, Nested Complex Profiles seem more straight forward, as we can move and mirror them graphically.

This capability, along with a much needed multiple dedicated attribute files that could be linked to the project library, would pave the road for Specific Manufacturers Attribute files. These files could contain, among other things, commercial profiles (i.e.: Kingspan Sandwich Panels, Door/Window pvc/aluminum profiles). Then we could load only the attribute files that contain specified materials/products, and apply them to the project where needed.

Does this makes sense?
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By mnguyen
Hi All,

Thank you very much for creating this poll, and for those of you who voted to express their opinion.

I am happy to say we took notice of this wish and I have added it into our WishList database (please refer to it as Wish #12794). In my opinion, this can be a very useful feature, but it would be tricky to implement to avoid over-complicated the software, as others have mentioned.

Thank you all once more, and I wish you a great day!

Best regards,