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Modeling (Wall, Door, Window, Roof, Stair...), Favorites...

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The mesh tool provides three types: Surface, Skirt, and Solid Body. However, the growth of BIM has increased the demand for technical site accuracy. BIM visualization and technical coordination for civil, hardscape design, and landscape architecture all need effective design tools. One such tool could be adding the ability to choose a composite for the Surface type. This would be a natural and versatile tool for all manner of hardscape, which require the many elevational points and custom perimeters the mesh tool currently provides. Meshes also work well with SEO and Openings.

There appear to be many voices for this need with various proposals (e.g., stacking meshes, re-purposing roof tool, GDL programming, etc.) dating back to 2008. Many have voiced this request consistently through to the present. Many noted it would be of great benefit for their projects. This could fairly avoid spending many hours on work-arounds with less than optimal results.
Thank you, Ling,
Though I am short on AC programming experience, I may give the script a try. My work involves a lot of phased, site feasibility/planning, as well as the need for quick technical section cuts and constructibility studies. After working with a variety of mesh methods, it just seems if we have quick picks of our favorite composites at our fingertips, it would provide a very nimble tool for all manner of running section cuts as well as general modeling and visualization.