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Remember last dialog option

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The wall reference line is a essential thing in Archicad, and so is the tool for changing it.
I wish to have an option (so nobody is forced to this behaviour) that the last option chosen in the dialog will be remembered.

Maybe this could go even further: Let every dialog have the option to remember its last setting.
I don't fully understand this wish.
Dialogs do remember their last settings. Could you elaborate a bit more?

Do you mean the "Modify Wall Reference Line" Dialog?
LaszloNagy wrote: Sat Mar 06, 2021 3:16 pm Do you mean the "Modify Wall Reference Line" Dialog?
Yes, right. Thanks Laszlo. (Not always easy to find out, what stuff is called in the english version...)

However: No, dialogs don't remember their last settings. Just try it! You will see, that every time you open the "modify wall reference line" dialog, all options are unchecked again.
Yes, I understand now what you are saying.
What I meant is that Tool Settings Dialogs do remember their settings, but you are right, there are many other Dialogs in Archicad that do not remember their settings.