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Label, Text, Dimension, Markers...

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If you mean you can't see the text properties, you have the marker and the text selected and it is showing the properties for the marker in the info box.
Try selecting just the text and you will see the text properties.
Or make sure the text is the last thing you have selected.

I don't have the latest preview build installed (build 6000), so if you have that then possible it is a bug.
There seems to be other problems with that build.

I found out how to get the text options to appear. After selecting multiple Level Dimensions, I can get the text options be deselecting one then just selecting the text of that single Marker. Having the Marker as well as it's corresponding text will not give me the text options regardless of the selection order.

How is this still a thing after almost 10 years now!?!?
Its absurd that this has not yet been fixed. I cant imagine this tool would be that hard to fix.
I feel like the tool could be put under the dimension tool. Just as you have Linear method and Elevation dimension in the same tool.
What about Sea Level Top of walls, beams, columns?
To use labels instead is not a solution. Cannot be set to sea level afaik, only to storey or zero and get two different annotation styles for the same purpose in plan views is not funny at all.
The level marker has to be fixed to use it for all objects and the sea level settting should be made before placing it.