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By ~/archiben
i would love to have the ability to add my own customisable arrow heads to the default selection.

i think that the default selection is currently region-based (US, INT, etc.) and compatible with the drafting protocols and standards used by these regions. however, they are somewhat 'technical' in their manifestation, and the ability to create some custom presentation arrow heads would be welcome.

i believe that archicad 8.1 can now properly export archicad labels (inc. arrow heads) to autocad leaders, so in their implementation of this wish, i would also expect to see archicad create a custom leader/arrow head compatible with autocad custom leaders/arrow heads rather than have archicad explode it to lines and fills as it used to do...

thanks graphisoft!
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By James B
Yep, I totally agree.

If we can customise lines, then why not arrowheads?

Another thing I would like is to have different arrowheads for each end of the line. So there should be two buttons, choose arrow at start of line (or none) and choose a different arrow at the end of the line (or none).

I often need this with arrrows up stairs, where one end is an arrow and the other is a circle to show the start of a stair.

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By ~/archiben
very good point james.

i hadn't considered the two ends being different, but now that you mention it, i can see uses springing into my mind . . .

yes. we can create custom lines and they are stored in the attributes file. this was just how i imagined custom arrow heads to be treated as well - an attribute that can be copied from file to file if necessary using the attribute manager.

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By Lee D.
Hi, guys. I was looking for an answer about customizable arrowheads and I found this thread. I'm not sure what the answer is. I am using version r3/v3, and I don't see a way to do it. Is there a way to create my own arrowheads? Are new updates going to address this issue? Any info you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
Lee D.
Naples, FL USA
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By Geoffroy Magnan
James B wrote:If we can customise lines, then why not arrowheads?
If it could be created with gdl instruction, a new type (status code) of hotspot should be created, the one that would be used as base point of connection for the arrow.
By mjkoarch
Is there any word on this option becoming available? has anyone found a way around this to create arrow heads? thanks for the update
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By Barry Kelly
mjkoarch wrote:Is there any word on this option becoming available? has anyone found a way around this to create arrow heads? thanks for the update
It has only been 5 years :!:
Give it time.
You'll get the wish one day. :wink:
By boingophish
has anyone had any luck with this yet in v12? any work arounds other than applying a fill over a line end?
By klaude
Wow! The first message about arrow heads was posted in what? 2003 fortunately we have started second decade of XXI century and we still have no customizable arrow heads. I am really impressed [NOT for those from ACAD development team] not really sure how it works with the ACAD team but surely look around Adobe Illustrator, Nemetcheck and Autodesk all have done it, like 100years ago. Stop spending money on expensive marketing crap and put more into the development team get us freaking arrow heads that work and million of other things that have been lamented for years. Gi guys you charge $8K per licence.