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I would love to have story sensitivity for zones and zone stamps like we do for so many other elements. I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting a multistory display option.

I've written a short blog post about this. You can read it here:
And also very important is for zones to show up in sections/ elevations like morphs. This is extremely essential for us, been waiting for years.
Been a few years since the last comments on this thread, just wondering what developments there have been as I now need to show a zone stamp on multiple stories. Would be great if could show in section also, as mentioned above.
Yes... Another one of those head-scratchers.
For me this is two wishes in one... first and foremost the need for multistory zones for example multistory apartments, The second to be able to show a zone on another story is to me not as important but all the same a nice feature.