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I wish that AC can show cut zones in cross-sectional views and zone tool has a label function, so that the benefits are as follows:

1. You can use layers to show or hide the space name and texts.
2. You can use the label tool to labeled space name in sectional views .
By DGSketcher
1. would be covered by MVO model view options

2. On my wish list. I think someone else already posted the request.
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By LaszloNagy
Yes, I had the same thought recently.
It is one thing that Zones have Zone Stamps which can display stuff.
But that is again a single Stamp, there cannot be more.
So I think Labels should be available for Zones as well.
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By Da3dalus
With the AC20 advent of extended Properties and Categories, I'm inputting more room-specific information into the Zone.

However, the Zone Stamps are not versatile enough to show all the combinations of Properties I might want to show. Especially since I generally use the Masterscript Total Zone, which is great, but doesn't yet recognize custom Properties.

Using the "Categories and Properties" Label on the Zone would solve all my problems!
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By Erwin Edel
Get in touch with the dutch reseller,, their Keymember library zone stamp offers excactly this: using properties as tags in the zone stamp, maybe they will translate the part for you.
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By Da3dalus
Or, depending on the outcome of the upcoming US election, I may be expatriating to Amsterdam, and learning Dutch anyway!
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By Erwin Edel
I would await the outcome of the upcoming Dutch elections first :lol:

In case you did not know, Jeroen, who runs Master Script, works at Kubus too. So that would probably clue you in why we have these great zonestamps and such 8)