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By SJPHouse
Hi there - I have tried searching high and low for how to do keynotes in ArchiCAD and can only seem to find a 3rd party application called CadImage which you have to pay for separately. Is there no keynote function set up in ArchiCAD? This seems impossible to me that it's not included but from searching the forums and online I don't see anything...I'm curious, if ArchiCAD was developed by architects for architects - what was their solution for how you are supposed to do keynotes? Is there a different way to do them that I'm not aware of? Not having them almost seems like not having a built in option to do dimensions or something else so basic to the production of construction documents...please help I'm confused! Thank you :)
By Karl Griffith
You are correct - you can't really do keynotes in ArchiCAD. This thread discusses a couple workarounds: ... tes#269003

The system I tried using the Change Manager works, but obviously you can't use is for revisions. But I would think it shows that keynotes could be added to ArchiCAD.

I agree that it is best to take annotation from element properties, but there are times when that is just not appropriate.
Just trying to wrap my head around the principle of this system, as I've never used it in 13+ years and countless projects.

Drawings = your quantities
Contract Documentation = what it's supposed to be

That said, why not use Classification Manager? Make a 'keynotes' Classification System. ID field is your keynote number, you can give a name and description. Keep adding new notes as needed.

Classify your elements with the proper keynote ID. Schedule your elements and add Classification ID, Name and Description as fields. Pretty sure you can also schedule change ID etc

Label elements with text/autotext and pull the classification from there.
See my other post elsewhere on this board for an elegant and pure (as in ArchiCAD only) solution to the keynoting problem. You will also want to look at my post on how I generated the Masterspec CBI classification that can be used for high-level generic keynoting.

Unfortunately as things stand the solution is only partial because there is no way to access the description attribute of a classification item. This is not a show stopper though as long as you don't need to show a detailed note on your drawings. I'm happy simply showing a number with a short note that gives a bit more context and then I show detailed notes in a schedule. One thing that would be nice is if there was a way to filter schedules by view, i.e. include in the schedule only elements visible in the current view. Then you could place view specific keynote legends (i.e. schedules). As things are you are limited to having a single keynotes legend that contains all the notes.

When Graphisoft implement access to the "description" attribute then we're cooking with gas. Until then you can at least create generic keynotes and easily assign them to elements.
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Yours is another possible solution. Using Properties and Expressions I do the same thing as elegant and as pure as can be done in AC.

Have you tried using Expresions to see if you can get what you want? For example: if X has Classification Y then assign description Property Z.