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By Lingwisyer
Hi all,

This wish comes in a two parts:
1. Composite naming & descriptions
2. A modification/addition to the Composite or Profile Name label or a new label.

Breaking down (1) is required to work with (2) to follow. This would be dividing the naming of composites into a Designation and a Description and possibly a sub-classification (more of an ease of life adjustment). The Designation would be much like the Door Window Stamp, a simple letter/number, but set by the Composite instead. Within the Composites manager, it would read Sub => Designation => Description.

eg. In - C5 - 100mm Blockwall w/ 20mm Stone Int.
Ex - C2 - 150mm Brick Veneer w/ 10mm PB Int.
Fl - F3 - 100mm Concrete w/ Tile Finish

At the moment the Composite or Profile Name label can display the Wall ID and the Composite or Profile Name.The marker when place on a wall would read the Composite's Designation and possibly the structural/non-structural width if required. These markers would link to details of each wall type with their associated material breakdowns. Using the Skin List Label clutters the drawing and is not always feasible...

eg. C2 - 150mm (instead of "Wall-18-150mm Brick Veneer w/ 10mm PB Int.")

By jonofernandes
Hi Ling,

Im not sure if this is what you are looking.

But you can use the Wall Label to annotate the ID Designation of a wall. You will have to label each Composite Name to start or end with the ID and use a trimming character eg. ":". Use the same character in the custom settings of the wall label.

Unfortunately, I have not found this to work with complex profiles.

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By Lingwisyer
I do not have a Wall Label in my library (AUS). I do how ever have a Composite & Profile Name Label. I don't get the trimming character use that you refer to...

Do I name the composite "C2:150mm Brick Veneer w/ 10mm PB Int.:"?

I also cannot find anywhere to define a custom character within the custom settings other than the one used to separate the Object ID and the Composite Name. ie. "Wall27 - 150mm Brick Veneer w/ 10mm PB Int."

By alex
Did you have any luck with triming the name? I'm also looking to get on labels shorter name from Composite Name.