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Typically we use one of ArchiCAD's automatically generated schedules to generate our Window Type elevations (please see attached for a sample of what this typically looks like.) Our window schedule references these types.

On our current project, our annotation from the Window Types schedule has suddenly disappeared 3 times. When this happened the last time, we noticed that the annotation disappeared after a change was made to the schedule scheme settings. This problem is similar to another problem discussed here: viewtopic.php?p=268653&sid=99db5544341b ... 6d#p268653

When we asked GS Support for help, they asked the developers who responded with this:
This issue is not caused by a known bug or limitation rather (#177073) because it is a result of how the Schedule works. The Annotations are thrown away when the Criteria set changes and an element is not listed anymore. The workaround could be annotating at the end of the design process and saving multiple Schedules instead of changing the View settings of them (changing the Schedule's View settings could also cause the same symptoms).

This is alarming. The stuff that was thrown out was information that we consciously took the time to draw, and ArchiCAD discarded it with no warning. I do not believe this is desirable or (even acceptable) behavior.

It was suggested that we should wait to make any annotations until after the schedule scheme is finalized. While at first this seems reasonable, how often in your life has something been 100% correct on the first try? Our office has good standard processes that make these kind of scheme changes rare, but buildings are often unique, and sometimes adjustments are unforeseen and necessary. The idea that when a single schedule adjustment is necessary, we should just be ok with starting the annotation over again from the beginning is unrealistic (and way beneath ArchiCAD’s quality.)

I wish that this problem would be addressed in some way. At the bare minimum, ArchiCAD should warn us before discarding all our work. But the problem seems to run deeper than that: Based on the developer's response and the in the post above, it sounds like ArchiCAD associates the schedule preview annotation to the schedule cell itself (the second window in the schedule) NOT the window object itself. I recognize developers are smart people and that I am not a developer, but It seems like the both the scheme settings issue and the renovation status issue could be fixed if the schedule annotation was associated in the object itself and NOT merely to the schedule. Or perhaps someone else has a good suggestion for a way to address this?
Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 10.12.57 AM.png
Example of one of our Window Types schedules.
This will not solve your problem, as I had and have similar ones. One thing I noticed might help you at least a little bit. If you have a Window Schedule with automatic dimensioning turned on and want to insert some more dimension lines, DON'T COPY any existing dimension line. Those are the ones that go lost after you close the Annotation window. If you pick all the points and place a new dimension line, that one will stay.