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By orion1310
I need your help for a problem than I don't arive to solve on archicad.

Sometimes, I want to print a plan in a scale, like 1/500 and after I wnt to print it in 1.100. Is it posible to modificate the scale of measurment and text automatically? Thank you,
My English is not fluent. Sorry
You can set up text to allways print the same size on paper, regardless of scale (recommend this setting), or you can set up text to be a certain size in drawing units, so it stays the same size in relation to your model.

If you want to change the size of the text for certain layouts, you can also change the scale of a placed view on layout.

For example, we like our 1:100 documentation to have 1,5 mm text and our 1:50 documentation to have 2 mm text.

Our text is set up at 2 mm. We save our 1:100 views at 1:75 scale and change the placed view on layout to 1:100. We save our 1:50 views at 1:50. This works fine for us.