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What's your opinion about adding Date and Time to Property Data Types?

It's essential
It's important
I have a workaround for this
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I don't need this
By Braza
I think that is time to give BIM some Time and Date capabilities. (Forgive me the pun :) )

With Time and Date Property Data Type, and a proper filtering sintax, we could select/schedule amounts of work/material to a certain date/time or period.

Endless usefull uses...
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By Erwin Edel
Pretty sure even Excel does this by converting a serial number value (i.e. 1 = January 1, 1900), rather than a true date field, which makes me wonder if there's something more complex to this notion than one would assume at first glance.

I would also be happy if I could control how archicad displays some of the Date values available!