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By Paul King
Whenever creating a floor slab plan, I typically use SEO or even materials priorities to create rebates and local setdowns in slabs where these are required. And I need to dimension the changes/steps in surface height with level dimensions.

Unfortunately the level dimension tool is still pretty dumb, and even with gravity on, it cannot detect anything other than the nominal/unaltered top of slab level - so every slab setdown or rebate level dimension must be manually overridden.

This is a recipe for disaster if slab levels ever change but the faked dimensions cannot follow suit.

Can an additional gravity mode please be added, where the tool detects the actual surface level after SEO or other modifications?
Lingwisyer wrote:
Thu Oct 31, 2019 9:08 am
Have you tried with the new Opening Tool as apposed to using a SEO?
Had a play under AC23 (though AC23 is forbidden until at least first patch - I am stuck with AC22 for production)

However I see that only rectangular or circular holes are available in AC23. The slab rebates I regularly need run right around the perimeter of the slab - and it appears that you cannot even merge adjacent slab holes in plan (a line and shadows remain between them) to form more complex shapes. Nor can you change hole edge angles or add or move individual nodes to hole definition to make more complex shapes.

And even if I could live with that, level dimensions still suffer from the same dumb behaviour - ignoring the modifications to surface height as before - whether made by hole tool or old school SEO.

In this case, even if a hole is only partial depth of slab, the level tool thinks it goes all the way through.

Unless I am missing something (?) this all seems disappointingly limited actually.
It isn't a unique case. I use SEO's to trim curtain walls with beams and the point of connection is not associative for dimensions. It does feel like the impact of SEO's and the creation of associative nodes and planes needs a review.