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Dear Graphisoft team.
thankyou for your wonderful integrated product.
Please correct me if I'm wrong or behind .....but I would love to know if its possible to show the window maker / Door marker text on the window automatically when you view the elevation or section.

This would really help as it stands i have to put these manually in the elevation and after editing the design this becomes cumbersome. :roll: :roll: :roll: help please ! :(

looking forward to your response
If you open an elevation, activate the window tool and press CTRL+ A, you can select all the windows in that elevations or just select the ones you need manually. After that you can go to Document > Annotation > Label Selected elements to add a label to all of them in one go.

You can set up your label to include Element ID and other things you may want to add.

Alternatively: our reseller offers a custom label made specifically for this purpose with a lot of options for dimensioning, position of the label etc. You might have something similar in your library.
I do exactly the same Erwin, but it would be a good to just make the relevant info appear with an MVO setting, then you wouldn't have to go through that labelling process. I guess it is probably just another of those zone stamp in section ideas that might turn up one day.
I would argue that windows can be 'visible' in an elevation that are in fact only partially visible or even completely hidden by other elements. I would not want these labelled. You'd end up with an endless set up of exceptions to the rule.

The current system works fine. You can automatically label selected elements and it generally isn't that much work to select them.