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By 4hotshoes
I wish this was different. Why?
I just spent 15 minutes carefully entering text in a text box and carefully formatting it for a cover page. Then I accidentally hit the Escape key. Total frustration! All of my careful work has vanished and that is no "undo" to get it back. This has happened to me before on a smaller scale or with less of a loss.
Can we have a different way to confirm the contents of the text box other than clicking out side of it? I don't seem to have this problem with other tools. So it is probably just me.
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By runxel
Nah, we've all been there. I'd also love to behave the text tool more like in Photoshop & co, where the Esc key does not yeet your carefully inputted text.

However there is another way except for clicking outside: Control + Enter will do the same.