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By Eric Milberger
To start - that last job I created cost close to $1,000.00 per set printed at print shops in Phoenix - All B&W

So color is not an option unless we create the plots in house

So I am starting to create a new set of pens that are all Black and follow the Autocad and Microstation line widths.

We plot in Black and White so at some point I want to see if the drawing is readable and looks as nice as the ones we do by hand.

It may have to do with the high resolution 4k screens we use but line widths don't do much of anything until I zoom in - and this makes the drawings harder to read and to tell if we are doing a good job in telling the story.

Is there a setting to make the weights display a little more proactively?

I may use some shadows to enhance our documents but cannot use color.