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By Arkitreta
Hello guys!
Is it possible to setup a slab with a building material and see a fill in the plan?
Because I can only see the cut fill, but I would like to see it in the plans as well by default (without needing to activate the cover fill in the slab properties...).
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By Barry Kelly
Slabs don't have fills in plan unless you activate the cover fill option.
You can set the cover fill to use the 'Fill From Surface' material so if your top slab building material (or top surface override if you are using that) has the correct fill then you will see it automatically in plan as you change the material of the slab.

By Ma_Scht
I assume, you want to make foundation drawings.
Use roofs with slope 0% instead of slabs. Roof show section fill in floor plan if cut by floor cut level.
Disadvantage: roof base line must be considered.
Regards Mario