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By frankyvero
Like the option for objects, need an option for walls to turn off 3d. I can think of a number of reasons for this but one is foundation plans. You don't want 3d, you don't want to mess around with fill. When the size changes, it is just one click. If it is fill, or lines it takes a lot more time.
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By LaszloNagy
I will not ask why you want to do this or say that your should model your walls and whole Project, for that matter.

The closest thing you can do to achieve this is to select the Wall and use the Explode command. The 3D of the Wall will be gone, and its 2D symbol will be exploded into Lines and Fills.
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By Barry Kelly
If you are not modelling the 3D, then just use the walls in plan anyway and don't worry about the height.
Or set them all as zero height walls.
Then you will still have all the benefits of trimming and stretching in plan.