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By 3x3
When an item is selected and the view changes then this is done because it is desired to view the item within it conext.

> Whem an item is selected in 3D and the view changes to 2D then it is desired to view the selected item also as selected in 2D, for reference purpose. The same goes for selecting and changing the view from 2D to 3D.

(In archicad 24 when view changes there is nothing selected. Some action have no effect in 2D or 3D when operated in the orher work environment. - different processes ?)

> It would be nice to have this capability. Maybe as setting option.

This approach might be conflict with archicad (24 general) procedure. That it would be nice to be able to set it up like the preferred procedure.


A work method might be that:
- when in 2D
- select an item (to review in context)
- activate action 'view selected in 3D', F5 or right mouse button.
- when in 3D
- activate action show all in 3D or hit F5
- the other items will appear

The drawback is that:
- The last action will deselect the item.
- This method does not work when in 2D an area is 'framed' with the marquee tool and there is also an item selected (to be reviewed in the smaller context)

If there is a alternative method or (archicad) approach it might be also helpfull for improving > do tell ..
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By Steve Jepson
? Perhaps try that question again. I can't understand what your asking about. When you select something the view of it does not change.
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By Barry Kelly
So what you are asking for is if you select elements in 2D and then switch to 3D, the elements stay selected?
And the same from 3D to 2D?

This is a long standing wish.
You never know, one day we may get this feature.