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By Alex Schamenek
We have GOT to be able to use the division snap point method to divide lines/arcs/walls in more than 20 segments.

In the example, I need to be able to divide the arc into 23 parts. That's a prime number, so I can't just split the arc and use half of 23.
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By James Murray
I've never needed 20 personally, but obviously it comes up. On principle I've never understood the limit; why not 31 or 63?

Did you try a rotate multiply with distribute?

Wish on,
By oreopoulos
Just a workaround

If this is an arc then you know the center and radius of the circle.

if you want to devide to say 25 parts then just do the followin

1)The angle of the arc say is n degrees. So each part in the divided arc is of n/25 degrees.
2) draw a line from the center of the arc to say 12*n/25 degrees past the beginning of the arc.
You now can split the arc in two parts.
3)Divide the first one to 12 parts and the second to 25-12=13 parts.
By Alex Schamenek
Yes, jamesm that's what I did. Rotate multiply is the most useful and easiest to use workaround. Sorry, oreopoulos too much math for such a simple task. Plus this encourages rounding to screw up the drawing.