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By Valery W
kliment wrote:When I want to use the same fill pattern with different size, I duplicate it, and give it a new name, like Tiles 25/25, Tiles 30/30, Tiles 30/60, etc. This way I know which fill I am using at the moment and do not have to remember its scale factor!
Kliment, it is not necessary to deny scaling of fill on the drawing. There are many cases when it is not obligatory to create new fills, i.e. when their participation in the Schedules is not required. For example, the detailed drawings or Interior Elevation.
Scaling already exists, therefore let's discuss its improvement. :)

Use eyedropper/inject - Good wish.
Use digital input also it is necessary.
Work with digital input in some cases is faster, than with handles. It is fair in case of editing several samples.

Look my offer in the image.
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By Jere
Valery W wrote:Look my offer in the image.
I like it!
By Valery W
I am sorry that a lot of votes "Not needed". If these people were forced to draw of details or to draw Elevations (or Interior Elevations) in the status "Drawing", they would have thought seven times before saying "no need".