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Hi, sincere apologies to Karl, I am a new user and I think this type of query isn`t in yet but there is alot to read through.
Would it be possible to categorise similar posts together to a drop-down menu-like tree as you get posts in to make it quicker?

I would like to know if ArchiCAD will one day allow me to multiply entities in an elevation or section window. EG if I have one shelf slab drawn, I open its elevation and multiply it for extra shelves, or I have a small wall modeled as one ceramic wall tile and I can multiply it in the elevation to create a more realistic as-built view instead of using a jpg image.
No apologies to me or Laszlo needed ... copy/multiple in s/e and i/e windows is a long-time wish which is good to wake up again now and then!

(Trying to categorize all posts in a way that groups them in a drop-down list would be a full time job for moderator Laszlo... or would require more programming time than GS might have available for modifying this otherwise open-source forum software.)

Welcome to ac-talk. :-)