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By 46cruisair

I wish I could align the apex of a group of drafting fills' handle apexes as a group; either using the standard alignment choices and/or align to a drafted line.

The occurrence I came upon was: in a worksheet of an exterior elevation I have a bunch of fills of a siding pattern behind lots of railing ballisters. I needed to revise/draft the level railing as modelled to a sloped railing for a ramp in elevation. Hence, the siding fills showing through the railing ballisters all needed to be adjusted into the new "ballister panes", both the siding fills' perimeter anchors and their fill handles, all individually.

If i could have created just one siding fill window and then copied/duplicated it into the rest of the ballister openings and then aligned all of those fills' anchor handles as a group it would have saved a lot of time.