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By jeanpg
Think it could be useful to gray and make non selectable locked layers.
As simple as it is, this option does not exist in archicad.
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By Barry Kelly
They are grey and unselectable in the layer list.
Or do you mean the elements in the plan?
And you didn't vote in your own poll.
It will be nice if the layer settings box had a button "gray locked layers"

and another button - "Color Layer content using special LAYER COLOR"
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By gpowless
It sounds like you want Archicad to behave more like AutoCad.

Not needed. There are better ways to organize and manage layers in Archicad IMHO.
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By kliment
gpowless wrote:It sounds like you want Archicad to behave more like AutoCad.
Yeah, I have always wondered why does someone move to a new program and expect it to behave like the previous one. :)
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By vfrontiers
I see this as VERY USEFUL.... whether or not it originated in AutoCrap. I also want to be able to OVERRIDE MATERIALS using the layer box so I can RENDER framing along with ghosted walls....

Currently, to achieve the grey layer idea, you are required to put 2 VIEWS down on a sheet and override a background plan with grey pens.. It works, but try visualizing it as you are working!
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By vfrontiers
You mean eventually, someday, when they let us create our own categories... Maybe.. but I still think it far easier to use a layer overriding system..
By AlexM
Resurrecting this one.

People are saying 'don't implement it because it came from Autocad', but similar controls exist in Rhino, Microstation, Vectorworks - almost any modelling software I can think of. People need to be open to a workflow benefit, rather than persisting with a workSLOW process just because it's all they know.

Let me give an example. In plan view I have slabs and zones turned on and locked. I want to edit something - walls, objects, columns - by dragging a selection box around those elements. This turns a quick edit operation into a multi-step process, multi-click, error prone process, even with the Quick Layers box.

Layer combos are not the answer, because I want to SEE the slab edges and zone edges when editing. I even want to snap to them. I just don't want to have selecting specific objects turn into a chore because the zone and slab will invariably select first when trying to use Arrow tool dragging.

Marquee tool works sometimes, but loves to modify connected elements which is not always desired. More clicking and re-editing or multiple steps.

This is just a simple example in plan view. Working in 3D views for even slightly complex buildings is even more painful. Half the time we simply resort to Rhino because the ability to manage selection edits is so much simpler!

Happy to be shown I'm barking up the wrong tree and there's a simple solution I've completely overlooked. But I think this wish should be on the 'Essential' list, no question.
By Braza
AlexM wrote:Resurrecting this one.
Yes. I think this is an important one...
And how about adding a "Selectable" checkbox to my proposed Filter Combination Dialog Box that is part of my Model Filter View Option whish? :)
Does this sounds good?
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