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By Keith JAW
On each new release of Archicad, I keep hoping for a new linetype menu.

The attached shows a drop-down from a typical drawing in our office. There seem to be 20 standard ones that match the library object menu, and a further 27 non-standard types. Some of them look like solid lines, but are in fact broken lines. I suspect that each time someone in our office fails to find a suitable line type, they make a new one, and these keep getting added to the list.

What I would like to see is:

a) the name of each linetype displayed alongside, so that you don't have to hover the cursor to find out what it's called,

b) the ability to rationalise and organise the list (in addition to being able to 'purge unused'), e.g. into alphabetical order by name, or by type (dashed, chained, etc.)

c) the ability to 'scale' a linetype, so that the same basic linetype can be used in a variety of different 'pitches' in the same scale drawing, without having to create a new linetype every time (the way you can with fills).

By the way, what is the purpose of the library object?
By adamsb
I really like your idea of being able to scale a linetype just as you can with a fill. This would definitely be a quicker way to control the graphics we are seeking!