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By R Muller
I would like to have an option to draw linear fills of fixed parametric width on the floor plan, centered on a line/ polyline/ spline.

I would use this to show ADA path of travel on a floor plan, required exit widths, etc. Also for sidewalks and diagrams of various sorts (to make thicker lines where needed for visual effect).

Maybe there already is a way to do this? I know I can use a thick wall as a work-around, but it is very hard to control the visibility of the wall fill.
By alemanda
You can define a new linetype (wide as you want) and do it much easier with the line tool, I think
By R Muller
Thanks, Alemanda. It's an interesting thing to try, and I did try it several years ago for a circulation diagram, but found it to be more trouble than it was worth. Here are the issues I noted trying to use thick lines:

First, lines are solid 100% colors, no textures.

Second, thick lines have semi-circular ends that extend past the insertion points at each end. A 2' wide line that is drawn as 8' long is actually 10' long with rounded-off ends. Circular ends are terrible graphically, and the length is misleading.

Third, you can't see thick lines on-screen unless you display true line weight.

Fourth, lines can't have transparent background, they are opaque, so they are either over or under other elements.

Fifth, depending on what you are doing with pen sets, they may change when you put the drawing on a sheet and print it.

Hence this wish. For something that can be drawn like a line, but is actually a fill.
By alemanda
Ok, but I thought to make a special line type.
For example, out of box, you have the foot marks or stone pathway ...
I thought something like that.
In this way you can define a sort of texture.
Probably will help.