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Any 2D tool what you need for drafting.

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This is a good point.

I used to have to copy a label, remove it's text, and place over the other label. It would be great if i didn't have to do this. But it's not too much trouble. If one label had multiple leading lines, will you be able to choose 2 on one side, 1 on the other perhaps? It could get a little messy to work with. I don't mind copying a label but it's not the best solution I agree.
To create a blank label, which is what I think you want to do, simply create a new label pointing to where ever you want, snap to the existing label and when it comes time to input text, just hit the space bar, (insert a space). That's it. works in 8 or 9.
We have taken the practice of just using a line with an arrowhead (or symbol to match that of the leader) for any second leader lines. This eliminates the issue of text and selecting the correct text box for editing.

The problem with this solution the tools must be changed back and forth to adjust the leaders. This fact would make the multiple leaders very appreciated.
The answers in the other thread are workarounds not a proper tool. The out-of-the-box Label Tool should do multiple leaders without the need for workarounds. While workarounds will get the job done, they add time and complexity to the drafting process. One tool to do the job, not an object that provides limited options that the Label Tool should already be doing.

The available object (AC23, Multileader Label 23) does not provide the same appearance options as the Label Tool. The Multileader object is cumbersome to use because you have to open the object dialog to access all the controls (how many leaders, which side...) and edit the label text... The object Multileader Label is a workaround, not a proper tool.

I understand that the Label Tool is designed with functions to pickup information from objects being labeled. The thought being that one leader to mark each object. However, there are many times when the same objects are located close together so one label with multiple leaders is desirable for space and clarity. I want one tool to to do the job. The label tool can be made to allow for multiple leaders with the first placement being the primary for the obtained "label" information. The Label tool could be made to then to provide a special highlight for that first placed leader when selected and subsequent leaders from that label would not be linked to objects.

Possible Label Tool features to include:
The additional leaders are linked to the objects in that, if the object is erased, moved or a renovation filter is changed, the leaders respond appropriately.
Warning if the original object no longer matches the other labeled objects.