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laszlonagy wrote:Th Info Box displays the settings of only the last selected element within the selection.
It gives you no info about what Anchor Point setting (or any other setting) all other elements within the selection are set to.

So what you are saying is OK when a SINGLE element is selected, but not good enough when several elements are selected. A displayed Anchor Point hotspot would be so much more visual, and therefore, useful.
This is not something you can only do with one selected door or window at a time. You can set the Anchor Point for as many Doors or Windows as you have selected in the Info Box. So you can change the size of all the doors on a Story or hallway, or what ever you select, and they will remain stationary per the Anchor Point you selected for all of them. And you would never have any reason to see the Anchor Points, before, during, or after the change. What would seeing the Anchor Point tell you that is useful in making changed to doors and windows? If it is an individual door or window the Anchor Point is displayed, and if your changing 100 of them, you set all the Anchor Points globally before you make that change. When in any of that would it be helpful to see the Anchor Point on the door or window?

To be clear, hot spots and nodes can be anchoring points, but they are not "Anchor Points" like only doors and windows have.
I am just trying to investigate some things that are said to be "extremely important".
This is very interesting to me because I can't imagine how it could even be useful. That means there must be something new for me to learn about.

I think what the person making the wish wants is for everything to have the same kind of Anchor Points that Doors and Window have, and that these should always be visible.

I can understand that. The reasons for it would be the same as for why Doors and Windows have this kind of Anchor Point.

That's a great idea. The optionally visible Anchor Point, when selected, would also activate the object and make visible the other nodes as well.
This is no doubt what was being described, I am just slower to catch on.