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By johncassel
I would like to be able to show a ghost view of a section. This would be helpful to me in drafting a sections or details that I cannot easily get directly from the model.

I relize that there are model purests here on the forum but in our realtime, tryin' to make it work office there are times where we just want to draw the detail or section quickly. By offering this ghost feature ArchiCAD users could choose to create section views directly on the cut model or quickly draft a drawing based on an overlay of the model.

Thank you,
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By Link
I agree wholeheartedly John. Your sentiments are not uncommon to people I work with. We should be able to ghost S/E's with S/E's and Details with Details, just like we can with Stories.

And in PlotMaker we should be able to ghost Layouts with Layouts.

Got my vote.

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By Jay Shumaker
Yet another good idea.

Just yesterday we were preparing a design set of documents to take to a Structural Engineer. We cut sections but wished we could highlight the cut section itself while showing a grey ghosting of the background for reference.

Instead we cut rendered sections. But that makes for a busy drawing with too much detail, ...not to mention the quantity of ink used in making copies.
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By Aussie John
David Shorter wrote:We should have ghost available in the detail window so we can see the changes in the model before we update the detail
good idea. I would be even happier if the details where placed in the coordinate position of the model.