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By alemanda
It would be very useful if Archicad could hide in floor plan view the common line (where the elements touch each other) of two equal cover fills.
Example: I have a slab and a mesh, with an edge in common, with the same cover fill. I would like Archicad to hide the common line in floor plan view.

It would be very useful in many situations, especially in renovation project where only part of a slab (or mesh) should be demolished ...
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By arqrivas
totally agree!, I see this coming soon (I hope so), that we can hide lines at least of polygonal objects just like we can do it with the new stair tool.
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By LaszloNagy
I would expand this wish and I would say that we should be able to control the Line Type, Pen and Visibility of every individual segment of every polygonal element type, just like we can now control the visibility of segments of the Boundary polylines of the new Stair Tool.
That would be extremely useful for the Floor Plan Display in many situations.

For example, here is another thread where the common edges of Slabs would need to be hidden. This feature would be useful in that case too: ... hp?t=57597