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To clarify & consolidate my previous wish...

We need separate associative fill/texture control for all faces, for all object types, and in all views

By associative fills/textures, I mean the 2D fills which are defined in materials definition, and which adjust their origin and angle to follow changes in texture origin and angle, and vica versa

Currently different rules and limitations apply to each object type and this makes it very difficult to consistently apply and align and orient textures/fills to each face of a building in a 3D window - to "paint the building"

It is currently not possible to adjust associative fills/textures at all in elevation, where eg lines for blockwork joints are most crucial

It is currently only possible to adjust associative fills for slabs in plan - but not roofs or the tops of low walls. (Adjusting roof 2D fill handle does not adjust texture in 3D)

Without independent and associative mapping of fills/textures to each face of an object, distortions are introduced by the object's geometry. This is quite unacceptable when fill pattern needs to be acurate and specific -eg with tiles wrapped over the sides and top of a prism only one or two faces may actually be correct.

Hope this is a bit clearer!