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What is your opinion about this Wish?

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By frankyvero
Ability to choose a layer as a trace reference instead of having to create a bunch of unnecessary saved views.
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By Karl Ottenstein
I realize this is a 'wish' - but wonder why this is important...

I cannot think of when it might be useful to trace a single layer - at least often enough that it would involve multiple saved views. For example, if you are tracing a DWG - it belongs in a worksheet (a viewpoint), not in the current floor plan anyway...

Can you describe your situation in more detail so that people can understand whether this wish is important or not?
By frankyvero
There is no right and wrong way, as I have learned with archicad you have to think creatively to get what you want out of the program. When there is one path to do something, it creates a very cumbersome experience. So yes that is a perfect example tracing a dwg. And sometimes you only want specific layers in the dwg on, and there you go making another view that wasn't needed except for one quick reference. Also there should be a way to reference multiple views. Example would be seeing the floor plan and foundation plan on trace and the framing plan on active. And defiantly a need for printable trace, and yes I am well aware of using ghosted views underneath other views in the layout....
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By LaszloNagy
I actually like this wish and support it.
We can select which element types to display in the Reference. Similarly, we could also select which Layers to display in the Reference.
I think if we had that Trace Reference display could be made very fast, even in case of very complex models and Viewpoints because you could simply set only the few Layers to display in your Reference.
(There were many cases when people experiences slow Trace Reference performance in ARCHICAD before.)
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By Erwin Edel
Trace slow down quite often is due to different layer combination (active and trace), even with a single layer that might be a problem? I haven't tried that yet.

Can't say I have felt a need for this myself. I would probably turn on the relevant layers and have the same active in trace and active view.

I also put external drawings on their own seperate layer to control seeing them or not (no XREF please!).

Maybe make it possible to have custom tabs that you can trace? That way it is easy to control and you can use the existing tech to copy and paste settings from one tab to the other.
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By Stress Co.
frankyvero wrote:
Sat Aug 04, 2018 4:37 pm
Ability to choose a layer as a trace reference instead of having to create a bunch of unnecessary saved views.
My work-a-round (assuming you have a saved view as the working view):

1 - Go to the STORY (from the PROJECT MAP) that has the layer(s) you want to use for a trace.
2 - Select the layers and use the "Quick Layers" palette to "hide others' layers".
3 - Select a Saved View (from the VIEW MAP) to "Show as Trace Reference".
4 - "Switch Reference with Active" ( I use the icon on the T & R palette).

Not great, but at least you don't have to save extra views.
That said, if you do it more than 3x with the same layers...
maybe it's better to save it as a view.