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Any 2D tool what you need for drafting.

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Does anyone else seem to think that the section marker tool and Interior elevation tools are horribly unintuitive and graphically very limited on how they look when placed in your drawing.

IF you ever try to mirror the Section Marker tool, after you've place it on the plan, you will find how hard it is to actually rotate or mirror it on the plan with the arrow and or tail in the place you want it. This tool should work like placing a door in a wall. Place the marker on the plan, select which direction to view, then which side to put the arrow or tail on. In the US, most people draw a wall section with a arrow on one end indicating view direction and a "tail" on the other end. The "tail" on the wall section tool is fat, squat with no adjustment for length or width.....not that I can see, it looks so unprofessional.

The interior elevation tool is also horribly non intuitive, especially if using it for one elevation at a time. Using these marker tools is like having bad dental work. It may solve part of the problem, but its very painful getting to the solution.

The drafting component of ArchiCAD seems to get very little attention when it comes to improving the software.

Lets hope V24 has some drafting much needed drafting enhancements.