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Any 2D tool what you need for drafting.

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By NinoAlva
Perhaps this is not the correct Section for this topic. It's still a Professional Draftsperson's Wish.

The Home page lists some professions like Architects, Engineers, IT Managers, BIM Managers among others.

Seems that Technical Drafts Persons are not quite considered. Specifically, the potential training of future ArchiCad technicians is also being passed-over.

Personally, I'm a Freelance CAD drafting contractor and currently, cannot afford a $2k/yr License because I have not maintained up-to-date ArchiCad proficiency much less a license. I had been exposed to previous versions on past jobs when working with large architectural firms. All that is now lost.

Wonder if a price level could be established for Drafts People committed to support Archi Cad's platform. Perhaps the software could "share" the Freelancers' files with GraphiSoft for the company to audit if a draftsperson is indeed operating as an Architect, Engineer or the rest instead of as a Professional Technical Draftsperson.

Supporting ArchiCad Technicians might be a market niche to consider. Such a program could develop a field of qualified technicians around the world, ready to enter actual drafting jobs in a Consulting Firm without investments on the "Learning Curve". Investments which a medium or small firm might not be able to afford either.

GS offers free licensure to students before jumping to Full Licenses as a Professional.

Kind Regards.
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By LaszloNagy
I do not see much chance for this wish to be fulfilled.
And the main reason is that Archicad is a BIM application so there are not really Archicad draftsmen (when Archicad is used as intended). There are BIM modelers mainly, and even people doing the documentation need to be familiar with modeling because so much of the documentation comes from the model. If you do modeling right, then documentation mostly consists of dimensioning and placing labels and texts. So drafting as such (or drafting as you would do in it AutoCAD) is not really part of the Archicad BIM workflow, as far as I can see.