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By archimax
I've done some elevations with vectorial 3d hatching and recognized the importance of the possibility to join several fills into one. My complex surfaces generates so many polygons (fills) that it definitely reduces the comfort of working with these drawings in AC. And I'm forced to use bitmap previews for such elevations in Plotmaker because I waste my time watching the drawings to be rebuild after every movement.

But if only I could join hundreds of same coloured fills of into one, my drawings would become like a plume.
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By Rob
in addition, the number of fills makes the AC file a huge monster...

I vote essential....
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By Sergio
archimax wrote:But if only I could join hundreds of same coloured fills of into one, my drawings would become like a plume.
How is this any different from selecting the fill, add option, and space-click the fill to add. Are you just looking for a simpler solution (one that erases the joined fill)?
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By andyro
i suspect an 'auto-join' option or as default is what is implied. For example, take a complex 3D view from top view with shadows to get accurate roof/siteplan.

Copy to 2D/plan window, or as PMK, and there are fills on top of fills, hundreds of separate shadow fills, etc. To minimize 'cleanup work' and make for nimble 2D files, 'remove redundant lines' and 'consolidate fills' for all formats would be desirable (dwg/2dl/pmk, etc.)
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By Burginger
For a design review the elevations with cast shadows are the single best feature of the 3D model. However they create a 2D drawing nightmare.

See the image attached, the shadowed area with fills selected show the hundreds of individual fills, right next to each other. The shadow area on the right is really just one polygon shaped fill. Multiply this by 8 or 10 elevations on a drawing. :?

Cleaning it up is a major pain. Tracing over it seems very redundant. A simple select and merge into one fill - would be a major timesaver.

Now that I have searched for an easy answer, vented, I will go back to work and create the usual work arounds. Select fills and place on separate layer, hide fills, etc.
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By andyro
I had to do four times of year, 8 times per day, and lay them out into crisp, clean sheets like this one - a huge pain with messy shadows, I had wanted vector fills, but the shadows in AIRE are too slow to calculate - for vector work - so I was forced to produce all of these from photorendered images - a sloppy workaround.

Situations like this could really benefit from dumbed down vector shadow calculation (say a slider, low to high definition vector shadows), and merged fills.
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By Rob
I had to do four times of year, 8 times per day
why do you have to do that four times of year. I am assuming that the equinox is the same on spring and autumn time isn't it?
just curious... as we have to do the very same circus for councils (though we use 9am-12pm-3pm time pattern as oppose your advanced 1-hour one) :wink:
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By andyro
Yes, the equinoxes are virtually the same, however September is on daylight savings (+ 1hr checkbox), whereas March is not (not until April right?). Personally I don't think there is much of a the shadows that is...these are just the times the city (Toronto) demands.

Another thing we've requested is control over font sizing in the QT movies, nobody at a public meeting can see the time scroll along, which is kinda nifty.

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By Burginger
I don't see why the programmers can't fix this problem with a preferences command for level of detail for screen refresh. If you have a sheet of four elevations all with full vector shadows. If you zoom into just one building the screen rebuild for the fills takes about 40 seconds, but then if you zoom out to see all, the shadows build in about a second.

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By Burginger
Talk about feeling lame, just changing the display options for fills from vector to bitmap cured my need for speed. duh!


Someone change my avatar back to beginner.