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By Greg Papp
I tried Vectorworks for about 5 minutes the other day and I immediately noticed something AC could really use: when drawing wall, lines etc, it would subtly snap to horizontly vertical etc without a shift key modifier, but one is not confined to those directions - it felt good and went more quickly than having to reach for the shift key. Not having to hold the shift key down to constrain would save me about 1000 keystrokes a day!
By Greg Papp
Actually, there is no on or off - it's just there; you can draw, say, a horizontal wall using intelligent constraint, or override it by moving the cursor up to draw a wall, say, 10 degrees off axis. It's like snap without the grid.
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By TomWaltz
oreopoulos wrote:Actually ortho mode is not automatic in CAD programs i know.
I really like the shift mode. It is easier than having an ortho mode on and of.
I have to say I'm a bit torn. I've used programs with and without the lock on/off and shift-modifiers. Personally, I find the on/off annoying.

CAD programs tend to lean towards on/off. Everything else in the world (design and graphics, word processing, etc) leans towards shift-constraints.
I think better mouse constraints and snaps are sorely needed in ArchiCAD. I used ArchiCAD for a couple of years out of college, but only recently started using it again with v9 after an eight year absence. I've used VectorWorks, formZ, AutoCAD, and a couple of others. I have to say that I found AutoCAD's polar snaps and object/node tracking features to be the most useful of all of them. I usually find a polar snap of every 15 degrees to be far more useful than orthogonal snaps.
By Rashid Garuba
At the very least, let us have it and let the use configure it on, off, or auto-with whatever increments the user prefers. To me any modifier that is used very frequently can be improved by some degree of automation... You can draw a very accurate complex shape including angles in Revit without ever touching the keyboard.

I would absolutely prefer to toggle auto-angle mode off every now and then than use shift all day long.
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By s2art
My shift key is always in the same place, and is really easy to press down, so I don't have any problem with using it to constrain the mouse direction. I would definitely like a more polar type angle constraint setting (as Jesse mentioned) and be able to set to every 15 degrees (or whatever suits), as well as on-the-fly setting.
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By ~/archiben
using a button as modifier always gives a greater flexibility - it means constraints and methods can be altered 'on-the-fly' to suit a certain scenarios that your rigid on/off constraint methods hadn't considered.

also: get used to using the tools, snaps, special snaps and constraint modifiers in the control box . . . they are your Best Friends!