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Gap at Corner or Wrap?

In Sweden our draftingstandard on paper is NO gap. So we can't draw polylines, we have to draw singlelines in ArchiCad.
When I think of it one step further, we should have the possibility too choose between gap or wrap in toolbox. There are examples in polylinemode when you don't want the line to close at every end. A path with lines and arcs with smooth edges for example.
I think i voted on this before and would still like to see the lines resolve at the corners. This is a very basic item that would make the drawings look more professional and sometimes actually provide a clarified presentation. The gaps can sometimes present questionable information, especially in details.

I thought that maybe the programming code was some sort of very difficult problem but a number of drafting/modeling programs can do this.

If we can send a man to the moon . . . oops, that's right it was someone else who did that.
I vote option, not forced to wrap.
It's one of the things I miss in hand drafting. Rolling my .5 to keep it's line weight consistent and being precise with my lines and what they were suppose to represent. Touching and un-touching lines do mean something completely different G.S.

Jeff wrote:"oops, that's right it was someone else who did that"
That's right it was NORTH Carolina that started the ball rolling.

"The Wright brothers(Wilbur and Orville Wright) were bicycle mechanics who believed they could build and fly a self-propelled flying machine. They did just that on December 17, 1903, 10:35 a.m., at Kitty Hawlk, NORTH Carolina."
Where all this man made "flying" stuff got started here.
I'll bet when they drew their plans they connected the lines in the corners for most if not all things:-))
Nice well written informative article about the sometimes unrecognized truth of history.
What a talented genius unfortunately under funded and somewhat isolated.
I somewhat recollected that others had claimed to have flown fixed wing before Wrights, but somehow had thought it was the French.
Although it doesn't seems that way now when I look back on my remark "here" it was meant to mean here in the U.S. because I knew someone was going to correct me for sure, just thought it would be a Frenchman not a New Zealander:-))))

Glad it was you!
Thanks Stuart.
Finally had a client ask me to connect the corners of the dashed lines in my documents. He queried me as to why I would not connect the dashed lines at the corners and scoffed at my explanation that my software does it that way.

The only way I can think of to do that is to revise all of my polyline dashed lines to separate lines.

An option to connect or to gap the corners of dashed polylines (and of fill perimeters) would be appreciated GS.
PE>Ltype Gen>off

This will wrap a dashed line at polyline corners.

[See AutoCAD Help: PEDIT COMMANDS: Ltype Gen:

Generates the linetype in a continuous pattern through the vertices of the polyline. When turned off, this option generates the linetype starting and ending with a dash at each vertex. Ltype Gen does not apply to polylines with tapered segments. ]